Hi, everyone. Here are the results from our informal caption contest for the crash photo above.

This repair is going to be a new project for us. We’ll post some new pics when everything is fixed up.

Here are the captions we received:

– We’re always on YOUR side.

– Honey I’m home! Can we remodel the bedroom now?

РThe danger of Pokémon Go.

– Who moved the damned door?

– GOOD NEWS! We just saved a ton of money on the demo for the new addition!

– Think we need a bigger garage door.

– Thought we needed a drive-thru.

– Oh honey, I thought you said you wanted a drive-thru. My bad.

– Need to call Gillis 😁

– Damn it, woman. I told you to take a left.

– Honey, I’m home!!!!

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